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Connected customers, connected experiences.

Visilabs offers analytics-driven cross-channel personalization solutions to help marketers connect and unify all online and offline data sources to create personalized customer experiences on all connected touchpoints.

Start cross-channel personalization immediately with our ready-to-use playbooks created by marketers for marketers.

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Meet Visilabs' data-driven cross-channel personalization tools with ready-to-use playbooks for every step of customer lifecycle

Visilabs Analytics

Get a 360 degree view of your whole business across web, mobile, offline channels in realtime.

  • Real time reporting
  • No sampling
  • Unlimited Custom Reporting
  • Attribution Modelling including affiliates
  • Open schema where - write your own queries
  • ROPO reporting
  • Cohort Analysis by campaign source
  • No data loss caused by javascript tagging, REST supported
Visilabs Segment

Segment your visitors based on demographic, geographic or behavioural data, push data to different channels including Web, SMS, Email, Mobile,Call Center to start targeted communication with your customers.

  • Create complex behavioural, demographic and geographic segments
  • Use unlimited criterias and join them using AND/OR logical operators
  • Download visitor list
  • Schedule sliding window results to be loaded to any 3rd party
  • Create segments on product attributes
  • Send scheduled and targeted SMS and Email
  • Load results as audience list to Facebook
  • Built-in ready to use segments
Visilabs Recommend

Best in class recommendation engine with collaborative and content based filtering for product recommendations on web, mobile & email or kiosk.

  • Supports both Collaborative and Content Based Filtering
  • Hybrid recommendation support
  • Intergrated with e-mail marketing
  • Ready to use email scenarios for tens of micro segments
  • Email subject and content personalization
  • Real time performance reporting
  • Web and mobile recommendation widgets
  • Manual intervention is supported
Visilabs Target

Targeting allows you to display different campaigns and content to different customer segments in real-time.

  • Anonymous and Authenticated Visitor Profile
  • Behavioural Tracking and Targeting
  • Segmentation
  • Scoring
  • Geofencing
  • Performance or Rule Based Banner Management
  • Product Recommendations
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
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One-off customer journeys for everyone, on all channels.

Creating and running personalized customer journeys can be a hassle. That's why Visilabs comes with built-in playbooks. Create and run personalized customer journeys instantly with built-in playbooks designed for all stages of customer lifecycle.

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Convert, grow, retain more customers automatically with set-and-forget Visilabs Playbooks.

Acquire more leads, convert more visitors, increase average order value for all customers and retain your lapsed customers with built-in automation programs created by marketers.

Convert One-time Visitors to Members with Intelligent Newsletter Subscription Offers


Asking your first-time or unknown visitors for their email address upon site landing will likely be perceived as intrusive and may result in a negative user experience. A better approach would be to monitor the visitor's behaviour and request their email address once they have shown interest in your site.


A first-time visitor or unknown visitor comes to your website. Once he views 3 pages, a pop-up message appears asking him to sign-up to receive emails in exchange for a discount. Since he wants to take advantage of the discount offer, he signs up to receive your email newsletter.

Convert Visitors to Customers with Automated Browse Abandonment Emails


Encourage visitors to come back to your site when they browse products and do not make any purchases by sending an email the following day or within a given timeframe.


Viewed products and alternative product recommendations “Viewed This, Also Viewed That” Those who view and browse products and do not purchase.

Increase Average Order Value with Personalized Shopping Cart Recommendations


Offer Poduct Recommendations To encourage visitors to add more to their cart and increase AOV.


Display personalized product recommendations on the shopping cart page by offering products purchased together with the current products by the other customers.

Win-back Lapsed Customers With Timely Personalized Offers


Reconnect and win back customers who haven't visited or purchased from your store within a given timeframe.


Send a discount or free shipping offer via email with personalized products from last viewed category or previous week's best sellers.